Feeding Schedule and Communication

Action Point: Create a plan with boarders for feeding. Ensure that each horses supplement, medications and grain are written clearly on a board for everyone to see, and the name of the horses that are being grained are visible.

Rationale: Having a board with all the feed, and exact amount of food required is the perfect way to ensure that no-one gets fed the wrong thing. Some horses don’t require grain, or could have some sensitivity to something, and therefore should not be fed. The board will ensure that only those horses get exactly what they need.
If a horse is fed grain in too big of a quantity or the wrong type, they could be at risk of colic. This is a condition that we want to prevent at all possible costs. The board will be out in the open, and very clearly written. Anyone who comes into the barn, or is feeding their own horse or taking over chores will need to be clear who they fed and how much.

Resources: https://thehorse.com/111874/horse-feeding-basics/

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