Introduction to Pasture Mates

Action Point: Observe personalities of horses and create groups based on these. Learn the personalities of new horses and place them in proper fields based on these traits.

Rationale: Developing the perfect Equine Group for turnout will ensure a healthy hierarchy. We don’t want boarders horses getting beaten up. Some interesting ideas were found in the equus magazine. They suggested created gender specific fields. This will ensure that there isn’t any group hostility to outsiders, and no gelding fighting over heightened mare hormones (Rogers, 2006). We can turn the new horse into an adjoining paddock so that his new mates will have the chance to meet for a couple days before joining the group. This will ensure that they get their initial greetings out, without hurting one another (Rogers, 2006).

Rogers, A (2006) Introducing a New Horse to the Herd.

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