Helmet Awareness

Action Point: Ensure that there is helmet awareness around the farm, and that everyone is using it.

Rationale: It is important that not only our horses are safe on the property, but also our riders. Demonstrating proper helmet wear, safety and necessity will decrease the chances of riders getting hurt on our property. There are a number of reasons for why riders should be wearing helmets, and Ill make sure that there is a sign put up where we keep the helmets so that everyone can see why.


Manure Pick up

Action Point: Put up signs around the arena ensuring that manure is picked up when riding is finished.

Rationalle: With biosecurity being important, we will ensure that all clients clean up the manure that is left in the ring.
Horses that are in for training, or are new to the farm may transmit diseases, and by having it picked up we will ensure everyone is kept safe.

Picking up the manure will also ensure that the arena lasts!

references: http://igkequestrian.com/picking-up-manure-in-horse-arenas/

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