Steaming Hay

Action Point: Steam the hay for the horses who suffer from heaves.

Rationale: Provide square bales for the horses, and have a kettle in the barn in order to steam the hay for 30 minutes before feeding. Steaming of the hay will help to reduce the Mold and Dust that comes in the hay bales, making it easier for these horses to eat. I will steam 2 flakes in the morning and at night. We will make sure that everyone knows how to feed steamed hay, and what the protocol to prepare it.

Allergies to Dust

Action Point: Understand and treat the signs of Dust Allergies in horses

Rationalle: Ensure that the signs of a hay allergy are known early on, and that everyone on the farm knows how to deal with it. We want to be sure that the signs are recognized, and steps are known about how to help the horses out. Whether or not the hay should be watered down, or spread out, or hay cubes being fed.