Hoof Injuries

Action Point: Make sure that everyone understands hoof injuries and penetrations.

Rationale: Unfortunately, at our farm, it is an old working farm, and its inevitable that old pieces of nails, glass and parts of machinery will come to the surface as the horses move it around. Making sure that the people at the farm know how to spot an injury and look for a penetration is important. They need to know the safety procedures, and when to pull something out of the foot, or when to leave it and call the vet.


Hoof Care Checklist

Action Point: Create a program for hoof care and management that is known by everyone.

Rationalle: Ensuring that horses hooves are in fantastic shape, we will create a management program that everyone knows about. The horses will receive regular hoof trimmings, conditioning, as well as a balanced nutrition to ensure the feet grow healthy, and strong.
We will make sure that all horses have their feet cleaned out before and after any type of ride or lesson.
During the spring months, the proper steps will be taken to treat thrush, and anything else that comes with the wetter conditions.

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