Pre-purchase Exam

Action Point: Allow for pre-purchase exams to happen on our farm, and make sure that we always ask for one before purchasing a horse, or having a client purchase one.

Rationale: We want to check that no one purchases a horse that suffers from lameness, make health evaluations. If an owner doesn’t want an exam done then you can assume that something is wrong with the horse. This exam will just ensure that you are buying the horse that is advertised, and healthy

Educational Information on Lameness

Action Point: Provide lessons on lameness, and ensure that everyone on the farm knows how to spot lameness, and what to do if it does come up.

Rationale: Sometimes lameness comes up in horses, and making sure that anyone on the farm knows how to spot it and what to do about it. If it is spotted early, whoever finds it can ensure that the horse is kept calm, and quiet and they can decide if a vet is needed or not.