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Vaccinating your horse to prevent disease.

Vaccinations should be appropriate for the location of farm and desired needs of facility and horses.Vaccinations are only effective if they are being used properly. In order to find the proper vaccines for your house consult your barn manager and veterinarian to find out which diseases are most frequent in your area and which your horse is at most risk of contracting. Also if you know your horse will be traveling and in contact with other horses you will need to know which areas you will be traveling to and for how long to be able to properly vaccinate. Although vaccinations do not completely eliminate the risk of disease they are a good step in the right direction for the prevention of diseases.

Body Condition Scoring

Body Condition Scoring is an effective yet simple way to ascess the fat carried by the horse. By hands on palpation of specific areas you can make an objective and consistent assessment of your horses condition. Knowing your horses condition will help you better manage your horse to ensure its health and avoid conditions such as laminitis. The BCS can help you deicide on nutritional needs and exercise needs for you horse.

I think body condition scoring is very important when caring for horses. It is an essential tool to help create nutrition plans, and exercise plans for your horse. Knowing your horses BCS and having nutritional and exercise plans can help prolong your horses life and avoid conditions such as laminitis, osteoarthritis, sever obesity and many more.  An overweight horse is never a happy horse, and neither is an underweight horse. BCS can help you understand where your horse should ideally be and can create a goal that you may reach for proper management of your horse.

Horse Health Check

The Horse Health Check or Daily Horse Health Check is a physical examination used to help you monitor your horse, know your horses ‘normal’ and notice changes that might be of concern. The most important parts of the Health Check are as follows: attitude, appetite and water consumption, manure/urination, ears/eyes/nose, skin/mane/tail, heat/pain/swelling, TPR (temperature, heart and respiration rate), gut sounds, skin pinch, mucous membranes, capillary refill/jugular refill and trot-out.

I believe this is an important action point as it helps you to better know your horse, their normal values and rates, and when to be concerned if their is a problem. A a horse owner/or stable manager I think this is important to know for every horse in your care. It will help you relay information better to your horses medical team and ensure problems are noticed in a timely manner and can avoid further sickness/injury.