Job Description for the Ideal Owner

Job Objective: The job objective is to provide a healthy and safe environment for the horses, meeting all of the basic needs, as well as going above and beyond.

Expectations/Responsibilities: In order to have a safe and healthy environment the owner has to ensure everything is kept on top of as well as make any changes that might be needed to further improve the wellbeing of the horse. It is best if the owner makes a daily routine that works for them and the horse. Routines insure that nothing gets forgotten about, as well as insures that there will be time to get all of the necessities done in the day, as everything has already been planned out. Everyday the horse will need shelter, fresh water, hay of some form (bales, haylage, hay cubes, etc), the shelter/stall mucked out, bedding replaced, freedom of exercise, and any medications given if applicable. It is important to note that when mucking the stall and replacing bedding the horses should be removed from the stable and the owner should wear a dust mask to prevent long term and short term respiratory damage. Grooming and cleaning of the hooves should also be done quite frequently, as it is a good way for the owner to notice if there is any cuts, scrapes, or anything that needs medical attention. A weekly routine is needed as well, this should include a horse health check and a check of the barn/facility to make sure that everything is in order. If a problem is found (with either the horse or the barn) the situation needs to be evaluated to determine the following steps that need to happen to resolve the issue. It is important to have a discussion with your farrier to create a schedule that works best for the condition of your horse’s hooves. A yearly routine should consist of a deworming schedule, vaccinations, a vet check, and a dental check.

Qualifications/Requirements: There are many qualifications and requirements that go with the job of being an ideal owner. Characteristics of an ideal owner may include patience and flexibility, as some days will not go as planned. Being a resourceful owner can save you time and money, it also helps you understand and ask educated questions. Passion is a needed component in being an owner, without passion towards the horse and the job, there is no goals or objectives that you deeply care about. Being motivated and optimistic helps contribute to the overall wellness of the horse and owner, attitude is a key component. One characteristic that people often forget about is being future-oriented. Owning a horse is often a long term commitment. Factors such as illness, old age, and death of the horse need to be taken into consideration before they happen, to avoid unexpected expenses. All of these characteristics go hand-in-hand. Think of it as a cycle, everything runs off of each other, when one thing falls apart the whole system starts to come crashing down. Therefore, as an ideal owner it is important to “bring” all of your excellent qualities with you when you go to the barn. There are also several skills or education requirements that are needed to fulfill the responsibilities, such as the knowledge to recognize health problems and problems in the barn, farm, or surrounding area. While the ideal owner may not be able to cure or treat these problems, they need to know who to call and when they need to.

My Strengths: I am a person that has always had trouble identifying my own strengths, therefore this sentence should probably be classified as something I need to improve on. If I had to pick a couple strengths for myself it would be that I am future oriented. Everyday I am trying to figure out how I can continue to provide the best life for my horses despite that times are changing. I am very optimistic and patient. As we all know there can be some very frustrating days when it comes to working with horses, but I remind myself to brush it off and move on with my day.

Improvements I Need to Make: One of the top things that I would like to improve on is obtaining more knowledge about equine health and wellness, which is why I am taking this course. While I have many goals, the overall goal is to understand how horses work and how to prevent problems from happening. To achieve this goal my plan is to study frequently and take notes throughout the whole course.

Overall: There is a never ending list of responsibilities and requirements when it comes to caring for equines. It is such a diverse topic and can be done in so many different ways based on the needs of the horse(s) and owner.

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