Owner Safety with a Colickly Horse

Action Point: Go over the safety ‘rules’ with the people that work on the farm regarding entering a stall of an anxious colickly horse (this will also be a good reminder for myself).

Rational: Horses can be dangerous animals to begin with, with the addition of colic or distress this can result in injury to the owner. In this unit I have learned that horses can become agitated when they cannot stop pain that is in their body. I do not want anyone to get hurt by my horses, therefore I want to go over these rules with our farm members. Safety of the handler comes first.

Steps to Achievement: To complete this goal I will go over the rules with all of the farm members at once. This insures that we can discuss, ask questions, and develop answers together.

Colickly Safety ‘Rules’: If it is not safe or you feel uncomfortable do not enter (horse throwing itself against walls, horse making strong efforts to roll, etc); have a person there on standby (to run the door or in case an injury does happen); have a clear path between you and the door; beware of the horse’s legs (kicking, pawing) and do not stand in the kick zone, even if your horse does not normally kick; and if the horse wants to roll encourage it to stand until you can get out of the stall.

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