Common Equine Respiratory Conditions

Action Point: Be aware of causes, symptoms, and treatment of common respiratory conditions.

Rational: By being aware of common respiratory conditions, such as equine influenza virus, equine herpes virus, equine rhinovirus, strangles, and sinusitis, I will be able to take appropriate steps to help care for my horse and the others nearby to insure that it does not spread further and treatment takes place immediately. Respiratory conditions are very serious, some can even be considered a global concern.

Steps to Achievement: To achieve this goal I will make a 1 page note to put in my binder that includes information on equine influenza virus, equine herpes virus, equine rhinovirus, strangles, and sinusitis. Under each of these titles I will include the causes, symptoms, treatment, and quarantine precautions. I will use resources such as,, and

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