Medical Conditions That my Horses are More Susceptible To

Action Plan: Learn what medical conditions and diseases that my horses may be susceptible to or have a greater chance of developing.

Rational: By knowing what conditions my horses have a greater chance of getting I can become a better owner. I say this because I will be able to do research ahead of time and learn about the condition, how to prevent it (if possible), signs/symptoms, diagnosis, when to call the vet, how I can help the vet, steps my vet will take, and expenses I need to be prepared for.

Steps to Achievement: In order to achieve this goal I will talk with my vet and ask them about equine medical conditions that they frequently see in our area (ex. Moon Blindness). From there we can develop some preventative strategies together (ex. Can we test the soil and water ahead of time? Is there a vaccine available?)

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