Parasite Control Program

Action Point: Devise an ideal control program with my vet using strategies such as the 20/80 rule and a FECRT.

Rational: An ideal parasite control program is individualized for every farm and horse, therefore the best way to make use of the 20/80 rule (20% of the population carry 80% of the worms) is to have a FECRT (fecal egg count reduction test) performed.

Steps to Achievement: To achieve this goal I will discuss this topic with my vet when he comes in the spring to do vaccinations and perform a dental check. When he is here I will also ask him to take a sample to perform a FECRT.

Annual Dental Exam

Action Point: Have a dental exam included in my annual vet check up.

Rational: Regular and preventative dentistry has a large impact on the health of horses, both short term and long term. Issues should be treated as soon as possible, therefore an annual check up (as opposed to waiting until I notice a problem) will reduce the risks of problems.

Steps to Achievement: In order to achieve this goal I will ask my vet ahead of time to come a bit earlier to book my horses in for a dental exam when he comes in the spring.