S.O.P: 3.4.0 Isolation and Hospital Stable admissions


Action Point: Establish standard operating procedures for isolation and hospital stable.

Rationale.  Establishing new standard’s for Isolation and Hospital Stable Wing. IAW Canada Code and Biosecurity Code. This will reduce the incidence of disease transmission thereby increasing the overall wellness and health state for the barn and farm operations

The new policy will incorporate recommendations from:

Canada Code section 4.2 Sick, Injured or Compromised Horses and Biosecurity code, section 4: Principles of Infection, Prevention and Control Programs

Biosecurity code: Section 4: Principles of Infection, Prevention and control programs

section 4.1 Sources of Pathogens

Section 4.2 Methods of Transmission

Section 4.3: General Concepts of Infection and Control

For any horse that is suspected of carrying a communicable disease, they will be transferred to the Isolation/Hospital barn.

They will be assessed and monitored and Veterinary Staff notified.

Health Record will be available for review as required.

The horse will remain in Isolation until the risk of transmission has been reduced to not pose threat to the herd.


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