SOP 2: Fire Safety and Prevention


This S.O.P explains and outlines the risks of fire and safety hazards in the equine farm environment

Rationale: Identification of fire risks and location of fire hazards and places/things required for fire protection are needed so that maintenance protocols can be established to reduce risk and increase safety.

More detailed plan:  

  1. Fire safety standards for the barn and grounds surrounding areas that could become hazard points. ie: keep dust down, sweep and dispose of dirt/debris outside of the barn in a sealed weatherproof container. Dust light fixtures and keep cobwebs from building up around lights and electrical outlets.
  2. Identify locations of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and electrical panel. No Smoking signs are clearly visible within barn and other structures.
  3. Clearly marked emergency exits with lights, that are always kept clear of debris that could impede emergency egress for horse and human.
  4. Develop maintenance schedule for fire extinguishers and smoke detectors IAW Fire Regulations/ recommendations.


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