Standard Operating Procedure 4- Health Management Plan


Action Point: Establish a Health Management Plan

Rationale: Establishing protocols, in consultation with my vet, for management areas will optimize health and reduce risks for disease or miscommunication relating to the welfare of our horses.

More detailed plan:

IAW Recommended Practices (Ref 1)

Health Management Plan will include:

  • Protocols for Biosecurity (SOP 5.0 and 5.1)
  • Protocols for Disease Prevention, Detection and Treatment (SOP 1.0)
  • Protocols for Pest and Insect control
  • Schedule for Vaccinations and Parasite Control Strategies
  • Staff Training
  • Vet Contact information for emergencies

Ref 1: Code of Practice For The Care and Handling of Equines, Section 4- Health Management Plans



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