Confidence Index

Action Point: Keep confidence index for skills from beginning of the course in mind while I go through the units.  

 Rationale:  Help to focus on the big picture for the course, if there are times when the details are overwhelming.


More details:


  1. Identify the value of effective communication as it pertains to your horse’s health;  8
  2. Identify individual needs of your horse regarding health management and disease prevention;6
  3. Identify common health problems and strategies available to prevent and/or manage them; 5
  4. Perform a daily health check and relay important data to your veterinarian that will aid in the health and welfare of your horse; 5
  5. Analyze biosecurity risks and determine the factors needed for infectious disease prevention strategies; 7
  6. Differentiate when immediate medical aid may be required or not, and identify first aid measures in different emergency scenarios; 6
  7. Ask your veterinarian educated questions, and discuss problems relating to your horse’s health in an informed manner so that you may assist in the formulation or revision of your preventative health program 6
  8. Find, interpret and critically appraise new information in order to update your background knowledge on a topic of interest. 6

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