SOP 2.1 Fire Prevention and Safety

This S.O.P covers the actions and protocols to follow in the event of fire in the barn or indoor arena. It is of critical importance to Establish, educate and practice fire evacuation protocols.

Rationale: Established evacuation routes, predetermined protocols for actions, and an awareness meeting and regular drills for all staff will ensure the policies can be enacted calmly and effectively if needed.

More detailed plan:

  1. Establish evacuation routes for all locations within all structures and assign a meeting place for all staff and horses to gather where a head count will be done.
  2. Ensure all staff are aware of this policy and hold Fire drills regularly to keep staff refreshed on policy. Coordinate with local Fire Marshall for fire extinguisher training on semi-annual basis to ensure any new staff have received the training
  3. Post clear instructions on Evacuation Routes and ensure fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment are accessible and their location is clearly identified.

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