S.O.P. 1.4.4 Cardiovasculcar Conditions of the Horse


The importance of understanding the anatomy and physiology of the heart and lungs will go a long way in helping you ascertain if there is a medical emergency at hand.

What you might observe

Signs of a heart problem might include a loss of condition, shortness of breath, slow recovery after exercise, an increased effort to breathe, a shorter period of exercise before development of fatigue, and general weakness. Fluid accumulation in the abdomen, legs, or under the skin surrounding the ribs is another indication of poor heart function.(1)

Some condition a horse owner may see are cardiac dysrythmias,

Action:  Call your Vet immediately




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  4. Early identification of medical emergencies: Knowledge of the heart and lung anatomy and physiology allows you to recognize signs and symptoms that may indicate a another issue medical emergency involving these organs. For example, understanding the signs of a heart attack or respiratory distress can help you promptly identify the need for medical intervention.

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