Welcome to the l’écurie equine virtual farm!

An extension of Owl Equestrian, this is a virtual/fictitious farm developed for a course assignment in Equine Health & Disease Prevention at the University of Guelph. It is intended to serve as a  useful and relevant collection of information related to a variety of health issues. The following is my dream farm scenario!

We’re a small facility with a resident equine family of 3. Henry the Horse, Mabel the Mini, and Marvin the Mule, along with two barn cats, Fellini & Mr. Mustard. We also have two boarders, Lucy & George.

We have a close working relationship with our neighbours, with whom we operate a comprehensive horsemanship and riding program. Our animals are all rescues and are not part of the riding program. Riding lessons take place at the stable next door. Henry, Mabel & Marvin do, however, act as wise and patient teachers within our horsemanship courses.

We strive to keep our equine family as content as can be by providing them with access to the field year round, grazing on the pasture when available with hay supplemented as required. They are never in stalls, unless necessary for reasons of injury, illness, or severe weather, and have access to a large run-in shed at all times.

*all photos by Owl Equestrian with the exception of 'Mabel'(AgnosticPreachersKid) and 'Maeybe'(© bSharpPhoto)