04: First Aid Kits for Barn & Trail

Action Point: Assemble three First-Aid kits, one for the barn, one to carry on trails, and if applicable, a third to keep in the trailer.

Rationale: In addition to keeping a fully stocked First-Aid kit for the barn, a smaller one should be taken on trails for minor incidents that may occur while away from the barn. Likewise, it is a good idea to have one in the trailer anytime a horse is being transported.

Kentucky Horse Council recommends using a bucket for a DIY portable First-Aid kit. This would be a suitable option for the barn and trailer. If using a bucket, make sure to store it in a cupboard or box where it will be protected from dust and dirt. A tool or tack box may be a better option.

The trail kit should contain a hoof pick & knife, at least 1 bandage, antiseptic spray, bailing twine, emergency contact phone numbers, and band-aids for personal use. Store this in a waterproof bag to tuck into a saddle bag or backpack.

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