01: Health Resources

Action Point: Create a binder containing the series of Equine Guelph Information Sheets, including the Horse Health Check info sheet.  Purchase a Horse Health Check poster to display in a prominent place for quick reference.

Rationale: In striving to do what is always in the best interest of the horses, it is helpful to have accurate and current information available on a range of topics related to equine health, welfare, and management.

Having the Horse Health Check poster placed in the tack room or feed room will remind everyone a) to perform a health check on every animal regularly, and b) of the steps involved to accurately monitor and detect any changes in health.

Horse Health Poster by Art King & Gayle Ecker (www.EquineStudiesOnline.ca)


01: Horse Information Sheets

Action Point: Compile a list with relevant descriptive & contact information for each horse on the premises.

Rationale: To facilitate communication and proper care of each horse, a brief description of the horse and relevant contact information should be posted on each stall, or, in the case of group-housed horses, in a central common area.

Descriptive information could include a photo of the horse, name, breed, colour, a distinguishing feature (chestnut with 1/2 pastern on left hind /bay with coronet band on right fore).

List the phone numbers of the owner, veterinarian, farrier, and perhaps a lessee or other person in case the owner is unavailable. Indicate whether the stable manager is authorized to make decisions regarding medical interventions on behalf of the owner, and include any medical history or extra care/caution that should be exercised when handling the horse.

If the horse has a stall, attach the info sheet to the stall door. The sheets for group-housed horses could be displayed in a prominent common area. Place copies of each horse’s Contact Sheet in a binder in the tack or feed room and in the office. Keep backup files on a hard drive and update as needed.


HORSE   Henry  

Birthdate: June 21, 2007 Age: 10

Colour: black & white  Breed: Shire/Paint/Warmblood  Sex: M

Distinguishing Markings: 17h black & white paint. He's hard to miss!

Comments: diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis (roaring) in May 2015

Normal Vital Signs:

OWNER   Natalie Ethier  
Work #: 
Cell #:  

Alternate Contact Person: Marsha Farmer, phone # 

VETERINARIAN  Albert Horseford 
Office Phone #: 
Emergency/ After Hours #: 

FARRIER  Jane Barn, phone # 


Equestrian Insurance Brokers, phone # 
Horse Policy, policy #

01: Feeding Change Communication

Action Point: Establish a communication policy for feed changes by having head barn staff to check the master binder for changes in feed policies every day, and transfer clearly to the white board.

Rationale: Have a master binder or clip board hanging on white board with all horses and a spot for any changes in feeding policy instructions (including date of those instructions) will ensure that there is one master place from which feeding instructions are communicated and limit miscommunication. Designating the head barn staff member to check the master binder each day before they feed and transfer the information to the white board will ensure that there is a double check system and prevent mistakes.

01: Job Description

Action Point: Keep my job description of an equine advocate by my computer.

Rationale: Keeping my job description accessible during the course will allow me to refer back to my original goals for learning to be a better advocate and reflect on what skills and knowledge I have gained each week, as well as which area I would like to look further into in the future. Essentially, it will help be a guiding “to do” list that I can continue to edit beyond the course.

Part-time Program Coordinator

l’écurie equine is looking to hire a part-time Program Coordinator for our horsemanship program, a comprehensive program that incorporates knowledge of equine behaviour, herd dynamics, and common welfare issues. You will also have a role in assisting with the care of our small herd. You must be a dedicated and effective advocate for the horses in our care. Someone who will endeavour to always do what is in the best interest of the horses & encourage others to do the same.


Program Development (60%)

  • Familiarize yourself with the content of the l’écurie equine horsemanship manual and lesson plans, which are suitable for students aged 14 to 94+.
  • Work in coordination with riding instructors to enrol students and develop a schedule for small group classes.
  • Recruit new students by representing l’écurie equine at various horse-related events.
  • Develop partnerships with other riding instructors in the region.
  • Work with the Director to develop additional program content.

General Duties (40%)

  • Assist with horse care and facility maintenance on a part-time basis.
  • Ensure a constant, clean supply of water, hay (as required), and cat food of course.
  • Bond with the horses through grooming and ‘daily’ health checks.
  • Take note of and monitor any behavioural or physical changes or injuries amongst the animals and alert management immediately.
  • Monitor pasture condition and ensure run-in shed is clean and in good condition.
  • Ensure stalls are ready to be used at any time in case of injury, illness, or severe weather.

Qualifications/Desired Skills:

  • You must have experience handling horses and be able to demonstrate your horse sense and safety.
  • Knowledge of equine behaviour, perception, learning processes, herd dynamics, and common welfare issues is preferred.  
  • An understanding of the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. We incorporate these into all levels of horse handling and management.
  • Familiarity with equitation science and learning theory is a bonus!
  • Must not be afraid to work hard,  get dirty or fall in the manure pile.
  • Strong communication skills are an absolute must. You will be liaising with riding instructors, parents, students, stable managers, veterinarians, and occasionally representing v at public events.

Hours & Compensation:

Wednesday & Thursday 2pm to 8pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm

In addition to a competitive wage, the successful candidate will receive partial compensation for one course per term through Equine Guelph.

l’écurie equine is a new program, and as such this entry-level position provides an opportunity to learn and grow with us, eventually taking on more involved role and additional responsibility.