02: Create Record of Horse Health

Action Point: Over a period of a couple of weeks, complete a daily health check on every equine to establish a Horse Health Record and become aware of what is normal for each animal.

Rationale: Establishing a habit of performing a health check at least 3 to 4 times a week, and creating a digital or paper file that can be regularly updated and easily accessed for reference are important tools in monitoring your horse’s health and noticing any changes in a timely manner.

02: Equine Body Condition Score Poster

Action Point: Purchase an Equine Body Condition Score poster from TheHorse.com to display alongside the Horse Health Check poster.

A horse weight tape will also be an essential tool. This should be available at a local tack shop or can be ordered through Amazon.ca.

Rationale: Effectively monitoring the BCS of one’s horse(s) is an important tool in ensuring your horse is in optimal health and receiving proper nutrition. Ensuring your horse maintains a healthy BCS based on its breed, age, and workload will also play a role in detecting and preventing disease.