12: Pre-Purchase Exam

Action Point: Understand the value and limitations of the pre-purchase examination and the role of everyone involved (buyer, seller, veterinarian, trainer).

Rationale: Taking the time to become familiar with the standard procedures involved in a pre-purchase examination, the degree of information the veterinarian will be able to provide, and the importance of clear communication between all parties is an important first step in the examination process.

The Pre-purchase Exam: What to Expect

The Pre-Purchase Exam: A Practical Understanding of Today's Technology & Its Limitations

The Veterinarian's Role in Pre-Purchase Exams

02: Create Record of Horse Health

Action Point: Over a period of a couple of weeks, complete a daily health check on every equine to establish a Horse Health Record and become aware of what is normal for each animal.

Rationale: Establishing a habit of performing a health check at least 3 to 4 times a week, and creating a digital or paper file that can be regularly updated and easily accessed for reference are important tools in monitoring your horse’s health and noticing any changes in a timely manner.