Continuous Delivery Updates for August 2018

Instructors Only

Virtual Classroom & Video Assignments Premium by YouSeeU

CourseLink is now integrated with the premium version of the Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments tools powered by YouSeeU. These video tools are fully featured and are tightly integrated with CourseLink so you can quickly set them up and automatically transfer grades back to the Grades tool.

Check out the features list for Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments.

Check out the D2L Brightspace documentation for Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments.

Virtual Classroom

This webinar tool makes it easy to schedule live meetings and discussions, host office hours, record video-based training, and more. Video sessions can be automatically recorded and seamlessly embedded into a course alongside other learning materials.

See Virtual Classroom in action



Video Assignments

This video recording tool for students allows instructors to deliver structured, video-based assessments that evaluate learners on speeches, presentations, and more. Instructors can easily grade video assessments and add time-stamped feedback, showing learners exactly where they need to improve. Check out the peer review feature!

See Video Assignments in action

Microsoft Office 365 Widget

You can now access your Microsoft Office 365 account, including email, calendar, and OneDrive storage as a widget in CourseLink. This allows students and instructors to review email, calendar events, and access files directly from CourseLink. Students can also submit directly from OneDrive into the CourseLink Dropbox.

Add the Office 365 widget to your course to get started!



Office 365 Widget



Import Ares Course Reserves Widget

You now have the ability to import your Ares course reserves directly from your course using the import widget. This widget, only available to instructors and TAs, allows you to import Ares readings just by clicking the link. The imported material will show up in the Content tool under a module labeled “Ares Course Reserve Lists”. The widget has been added to the default homepage.



Import Ares Course Reserves Widget

If you have any questions about the updates, please contact CourseLink Support at:
519-824-4120 ext. 56939

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