Continuous Delivery Updates for February 2019

Instructors Only

Turnitin – Link to e-rater ® Grammar feedback

Instructors can now turn on the e-rater Grammar checker, developed by ETS ®, in CourseLink.

Once turned on by an instructor, learners are provided a link to e-rater Grammar feedback upon submission of an assignment. This enables learners to review Grammar feedback immediately on dropbox submission, which is important for assignments that allow for multiple submissions. Learners can initially submit an assignment, receive Grammar feedback, and then submit another version of their assignment after incorporating the Grammar feedback.

It’s recommended to set up folders for draft submissions with the “Do not store the submitted papers” option set to avoid students matching their own papers when viewing the Originality Score.

Turnitin submission settings
Figure: Turnitin Submission Settings

Faculty Survey FAQ

After reviewing the comments from the 2018 UofG Educational Technology Survey, we identified a number of questions that were asked and that we are be able to answer. Some of the questions relate to features that were just recently released.


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